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The Nail Academy: Inner_about

Enrollment Requirements

Our team of professional Instructors and Administrators welcome you to an amazing educational opportunity. We want to thank you for inquiring about your future career with our training center. You have taken the first step towards creating a lasting career and every Academy staff team member will be available to support your decision.


When you visit our training center, the Admissions Officer will be on hand to answer all your questions and take you on a tour. During your initial visit, you will be given a catalog and an admissions packet that must be completed prior to enrolling.


The admissions procedure is the same for any and all Academy programs:

  • If you are 18 or older, that is all that is required to attend per State law:

    • Proof of Identification​

  • If you are 18-years-old or less, any of the following meets eligibility:

    •  Proof of Education: 

      •  High School Diploma or GED

      •  or at least 16 years old and 10 high school credits, 2 in English


Requirements Include:

• Attend an enrollment interview and tour

• Receive the school’s catalog before signing the agreement


NOTE: Aestheticians and Cosmetologists interested in applying for the Nail Technician Training course MUST ALSO provide a current copy of their Arizona State Board license.

Our Students

july 2015 class a.jpg

Training Schedule

Module I: 4 weeks of Pre-Clinic & 2 weeks Clinic Floor  

180 hours


We fast start into the basics of manicuring and pedicure. This is followed by the science and process of Acrylic. In a dynamic way, theory and hands-on work supports proper procedures, timing, nail structure, safety and sanitation, and establishing the basics of disinfection.  Hands-on is maintained throughout the four weeks as students practice technique and upgrading services to spa treatments. Extending training in this level is the introduction to nail enhancements including acrylic, dip, and gels. The expectations of the state exam are established and a plan of readiness is set in place. Passing weekly multiple choices tests with 80% or better and a manicure, pedicure, acrylic evaluation is required to advance to the clinic floor. 
Students are required to bring in a model for practical evaluations. 


Module II: Weekly theory and exams, evaluations on nail enhancement skills and client services.  

200 hours

Numerous demonstrations and theory on understanding the chemistry of  nail enhancements along with colored acrylic, dip powders, nail art, gels and perfecting technique. Manicure, pedicure, acrylic, and dip completions on clients are done on clinic floor along with practice assignments on a mannequin hand or each other. A student is floor ready after passing a practical evaluation for each service based on process, time, and outcome.  Students are required to bring in a model for practical evaluations.  


Module III: Weekly theory and exam, perfecting technique and business building skills. 

220 hours 


At this level the student continues preparation of state board requirements while pursuing learning in their area of chosen expertise and nail protocols. Business skills and preparation including preparing a resume, marketing and building clientele are included. Preparing for the salon, independence, booth rental, salon ownership or other focuses are reviewed.  Increasing focus on the development of philosophies concerning service time, re-booking, and retailing, and referrals are enhanced. Finally scheduling for the next school board (done once a month) and passing a written and practical exam are required for graduation. Student is evaluated for a final competency for manicure, pedicure and full set of nails.  


**Aesthetician / Cosmetology hour transfers to Nail Technician: Number of weeks varies. Consideration is taken on total hours scheduled with up to 100 transfer hours. Program is modified to meet the students scheduled training hours. Completion requirements are adjusted to meet graduation requirements, test scores and practical evaluations are the same.

The Nail Academy: About

Requirements for AZ State Licensing

Upon graduating from Academy of Nail Technology, the following requirements are needed for obtaining an Arizona State Nail Technician License:  


  • Be a graduate of a school approved by the Arizona Board of Cosmetology, having the required number of hours for the selected course:

  • 600 hours for Nail Technology 

  • Aesthetician to Nail Tech**

  • Mail completed paper work to State Board of Cosmetology

  • Register and Pay the required fees for testing with PCS

  • Pass a theory & written practical examination on the knowledge of the occupation administered by Professional Credential Services (PCS).  

 At the end of your curse, the School will lead you thru the application process. 
Registration can be accomplished on line with a VISA, MASTER CARD or DEBIT CARD. 


  • Nail Technician Theory and Written Practical Exam       $177.00

  • First License           $63.00                                          


Professional Credential Service passing score for each of these tests is 75%.
NOTE: Before testing, students must have the school report hours completed required by Arizona State Board for test eligibility. Once this report is received by the State Board they will contact Professional Credential Services who will administer both tests and mail results to the candidate.

**Academy will consider hour transfers of up to 100 hours from Cosmetology and Aesthetic programs toward the Nail Program as set out and allowed by law. It is the discretion of the school when accepting transfer hours. The determination of hours is made after review of a student’s records and a determination of their desired goals.

The Nail Academy: Inner_about

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